Wednesday 12 March 2014

Top Luxury Experiences In Goa, India

Every tourist visits Goa with a goal – to relax and enjoy their holidays in the state’s pristine setting. Synonymous with laidback charm and natural attraction, Goa is more renowned as a relaxing destination. Here, tourists come more to take a break from cemented city locations to walk on the beach. With every step here, they let their feet into the white sands and soak in its heartwarming sun and vastness of sea for a fun-filled holiday.
The essence of Goa is luxurious in every way possible. Full of surprises, the destination has something for everyone. For this reason only, it holds many top luxury experiences for a traveller to cherish during a much awaited Goan holiday.
  1. Beach Breaks – The beaches were the prime reason why Goa became a hot favourite for foreign tourists. They not only provided peace and solitude to the foreigners, but also offered them opportunities to relax on the sand and soak in the pleasures of being on the tropical paradise. The continuous influx of tourists during their vacations resulted in ever populated beaches like Arambol, Anjuna, Calangute, etc. But still, Goa retains its old character of silent and peaceful beaches in southern direction. There are beaches like Palolem and Benaulim that remain unoccupied and offer tourists the much deserved luxury of solitude. Besides the fun and comfort, the beaches here also are a backdrop for various activities like Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Spa, Adventure Activities like Paragliding, Sea-surfing, Water scooters, etc that make Goan beaches a bustling travel attraction and an attractive beach holiday destination.
  2. Experience slice of Portuguese history – The old world charm here can be experienced through its cathedrals, convents and heritage homes. Representing the slice of Portuguese architecture, the churches and old homes here present the gorgeous interiors, murals and frescoes. Also, the churches of Old Goa present 450 year old Portuguese legacy of the land. This is the main reason why these Cathedrals and Convents are also the recognized World Heritage Site. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, The Church of St Francis of Assisi, The Archbishop’s Palace, Holy Hill, etc comprise the legendary church circuit.
  3. Taste the Coastal flavours – Goan cuisine is again a Portuguese legacy. After 451 years of colonization, Goan cooking is strongly influenced by Portuguese flavours. The coastal curries of Goa are based on the ingredients like coconut, tangy kokum and fierce local chillies. Pork vindaloo, mutton xacutti, balchao, sea food, bar-be-que are the most favoured food items to be relished here as a part of tasteful luxury.
  4. Spice Farms - As a natural landmark, Goa is also bestowed with spice farms and plantations. With a two hour guided tour through the tropical forests, tourists can actually treat their senses in the company of Indian spices. Some of the prominent spices that are cultivated in Goan spice forests are betel nuts, pepper, chilli, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom, areca nuts, cashew nuts, coconuts and tropical fruits.
  5. Fenni – Fenni, the cashew liquor is the patented local alcoholic spirit of Goa. It is made from distilled cashew or coconut palms and is one of the must try drinks here.

Exotic Goa Holidays make sure that the tourists experience the luxury of their expectations in the most exotic and unique way. 

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Top luxury experiences in Rajasthan

Rajasthan enjoys an obvious connect with luxury, reason being its continuous connection with the royal history of India. Also known as the land of kings, the state is peppered with palaces, forts and temples. Every city or region here has its own share of palaces, battle scarred forts, and other heritage structures that give this place a luxuriously royal setting.
From the golden desert dunes of Thar to the royal tigers of Ranthambore, the state has every vibrant and intriguing element to make the vacations extremely luxurious and inviting. In all, the royal Rajasthan is a leader in luxury tourism of India. There are many ways through which tourists can spend some the inspiring luxurious vacations.
  1. Witness the vibrant folk-dance at Jaipur’s Taj Rambagh Palace
Jaipur is a jovial jewel of Rajasthan beaming with elegance, royalty and pink hues. The Taj Rambagh Palace is one of the heritage locations in Jaipur, keeping the gracious tradition of royal hospitality alive in its premises. It was the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur until 1957, when it was transformed into an upscale hotel. But the luxurious heritage property over the many decades has kept alive the finest and receptive traditions of Rajput hospitality. The property in its history has served many dignitaries.
Besides royal luxury, the location also offers tourists an opportunity to witness the vivaciousness of folk dancers and musicians. Here, they can enjoy the verve of cheerful tunes and captivating dance steps against the mesmerizing backdrop of the palace. The folk dance show here gives the same royal feeling as it would have given to the Maharajas of the yore. Every evening, the show begins from 7:30pm onwards (summer) and 7pm onwards (winter.)
  1. Experience the ultimate charm of Udaipur’s Lake Pichola on a traditional Shikara boat
Udaipur evokes romance in every way possible. The ultimate city of majestic palaces and lakes, Udaipur is one of the most luxurious destinations in Rajasthan. The center of attraction in Udaipur dwells around the shimmering Lake Pichola. Along the lake, tourists can take an enchanting boat ride on the way to check in the Oberoi Udaivilas, the heritage palace cum luxury hotel. The guided boating tour glides through the historic sights and unveils the historical legends associated with Udaipur.
  1. Mesmerising camel trek under the Stars in the Thar Desert – Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Camels are the symbol of Rajasthan. Referred as Ship of the Desert, these camels are the lifeline of the Thar. Also, these desert companions offer tourists a rich opportunity to discover the golden sands of the vast Thar. During a guided camel safari at sunset, tourists experience the surreal sunset and moonrise while staying in the luxury tented night camping accommodations at The Serai. This is Jaisalmer’s most lavish tented desert camp recreated on the medieval concept of caravan. Blending the most modern amenities with the heritage of the land, the Serai offers tourists an experience a starlit night enthused by the folk performers whose creations resonate with the spirit of Jaisalmer.

The Royal Rajasthan Tour brings the best of luxurious experiences in the state. Filled with colours of vibrance, the special indulgent journey offers top luxury laced experiences in India. 

Monday 30 December 2013

Luxury Trends In India To Begin Your New Year With

The New Year is about to begin and it’s a perfect time to experience newness in travelling through India luxury holidays. Seasoned with newness in every moment, the country is replete with many facets and attractions that make it a unique holiday destination. And in the beginning of 2014, we are bringing to you some interesting and offbeat luxury travel attractions to look out for in the upcoming year.
1) Glamping - Glamorous camping or glamping options is one of the latest travel trends that are really catching on amongst tourists. Featuring luxurious five star tented accommodations in the exotic locales of India, there are many destinations where tourists are going for glamping. The various luxury tents are set up in the deserts of Jaisalmer, in the wilderness of Ranthambore National Park and Kanha National Park, Morjim beach resort of Goa, Wayanad in Kerala and Ladakh. These offbeat accommodations offer travellers an intimate time close to nature in the company of best possible luxury.
2) Indulge – Indulging in India is all about making yourself feel special and rejuvenated. And all that is possible in India with a spa vacation or a long Ayurvedic retreat. Luxury Spa and Ayurveda Tours have gained a big momentum in the last few years and now they come under one of the most coveted luxurious experiences in the country. There are many Ayurveda destinations in India like Kerala, Goa and Uttarakhand that offer authentic and luxurious experience unique to this country. The travellers here can indulge in the several centuries-old treatments, therapies and massages to calm down the mind, body and soul. Spa luxury holiday tours are also followed by tourists from the world over. Not just these tours offer a unique relaxing and pampering Ayurveda session, but also offer a lucrative opportunity of sightseeing.
3) Natural – Go natural is the traveller’s motto for 2014. This is the main reason why travellers want to experience natural luxury by venturing into eco-sensitive hotspots of the country. Such tourists wish to spend their vacations in the close proximity to the pristine forests, unspoilt beaches, untouched islands, etc. To experience the natural luxury, visit the islands of Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar and even forests of Wayanad and Thenmala in Kerala.

These are some of the travel trends that surely should not be missed out on your luxury holiday to India in 2014. 

Thursday 5 December 2013

Luxury Travel Trends in India to Last for a Lifetime

India is emerging as a world class luxury destination. For the last decade, the concept of budget travel in the country got replaced with the ideas of luxury travelling. And now, the fascination about the luxury travel has grown to such a level that it has become almost inseparable with a holiday.
The travellers on a holiday imagine themselves with the best of destination comforts and convenience. Recent travel trends showcase that India is a preferable country for relaxing holidays. This is the reason why spa holiday, Ayurveda vacations and beach tours are a sure shot way to a comforting vacation.
A great way to reconnect with the soul; these luxurious tours offer harmonious experiences close to the nature. While sitting or lazing on a private beach, travellers can soak in the warm pleasures of sun and observe the tranquil tides and waves of sea in motion. Shrills and sounds of the sea on a beach has enough power to calm down the already stressed mind and offer the best experience of a kind for life. Luxury beach holidays in the country surely relieve the root cause of stress and elevate the mind with peace and calming experiences.
Same soulful reconnection follows if a traveller includes a benefit of an Ayurveda holiday. Ayurveda, being originated in India is deeply associated with the country and is followed authentically here. This makes the country a favourable destination for luxurious Ayurveda vacation. During this special experience, the therapies and treatments with herbs and natural oils are used to relieve the individuals of stress. The therapies can also used to cure ailments, if continued for longer periods. Such is the magic of Ayurveda that offers a luxury to reconnect with the soul with its unique healing prowess. Kerala Ayurveda Tour is one such itinerary offering ultimate rejuvenation through authentic Ayurveda.
The next luxury extension that is trending in India is Luxury Spa Holidays. The country is a hot destination among spa lovers. A hot destination for spa lovers, the country has in store some of the finest spa destinations that offer relaxation during holidays. During an Indian holiday, the vacationers understand the real meaning of a vacation with pampering and relaxation. By availing luxury spa tours, the travellers can derive benefits of the tailor-made spa experiences though out India, where they can enjoy a session of rejuvenation along with sightseeing excursions.
The luxury tours trending at present not just give travellers peace of mind, but also they offer them the privacy to bond with family and friends, thereby offering complete vacations.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Luxurious Holidays in India – Presenting the Country at its Finest Best

Luxury in India is an unexplored dimension. The more you explore, the more of it you feel is left out. Such is the unique aspect of this country’s diverse luxurious experiences that makes it inviting, impeccable and exclusive in every right. Another unique facet about luxury in the country is the fact that it can attain many forms. Luxury can be found in any direction here; just it needs a little attention to identify the most plush and exotic experiences in the country.
Beginning with the king of all destinations, Rajasthan offers a stimulative royal reception, hospitality and treatment in terms of elegant and plush luxury. Replete with grand palaces and forts, this royal destination offers the most regal experience in the world. Beginning from the jovial welcome at the plushest heritage properties, the travellers here are welcomed as guests and are slowly pulled into the colourful and rich side of Rajasthani traditions. Also, here they get to visit the colour washed cities and wild resorts in full swing. Other indulgent options include gulping sundowners at a desert camp and celebrating a birthday or wedding a truly royal way.
Second interpretation goes through an opposite route via the languid luxury in Goa. Renowned worldwide for its warm and salubrious beaches, Goa has that essence to make the holidays indulgent in every sense. The laid-back vacations here are a result of typical Portuguese culture mixed with Indian beliefs that makes it one of the most receptive vacations of the country.
Another charming destination in the country is Kerala, the God’s own country. Nestling between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, this narrow coastal land is full of surprises. Blessed with scenery and serenity, this incredible state is bestowed with a luxury of its own kind. Here, the travellers can indulge in the undulating topographical surroundings, rich culture, spiritual diversity, incredible history, ancient medical disciplines, flavorsome food and captivating landscapes. More than that, it’s a perfect place to experience perfect harmony among all the elements of nature.
These three Indian states are frontrunners of the country’s incredible luxury tourism. In fact, the destinations lead the deck in terms of luxurious holidays in India, offering finest experiences ever in the country.

Monday 14 October 2013

Luxury Holidays of India – Capturing the Country’s Incredible Diversity

When you think of vacation, you normally expect it to be laced with luxury and fond memories of the destination that are usually rarely present in your normal life. During these breaks, you want to feel the luxury of life, away from usual routines. You want to be pampered every moment. Be it the hospitality or excursions, you want every moment to feel special and unique. If this is your idea of the perfect vacation, India is the place where you should be heading.
Luxury Holidays in India offer a great way to engaging vacations. There is a reason for it. At the single time, there’s so much happening throughout the country that makes it an exciting and luxurious destination. A traveller can enjoy the luxury in the lap of Himalayas and can soak in the widths and depths of the oceans. Also, he can experience the rustic colours of the desert and serene shade of dense and lush forests. Apart from climate and topography, the difference also lies in the incredible cultural and historical wealth of the country that makes it an inviting destination.
It’s in the culture of India to make the travellers feel luxurious at every step. Right from the reception to the stay and excursions, everything is laced with luxury to make the holidays an enchanting experience. Popular holiday options in India include beaches, pilgrimages, heritage and adventure. Among the beaches, the destinations of repertoire feature Goa, Kerala and Karnataka.
Luxury holidays in terms of heritage are based in Delhi, Rajasthan, Lucknow, Agra, Chennai, Madurai, Kochi, Trivandrum and Mumbai. Travelling through the off-beat destinations, these cities represent the age-old connection of luxury and indulgence in their heritage and culture. In terms of adventure, the country again boasts of adrenaline action sequences; leaving a little space to sit and relax. This offers a unique luxury of identifying the mettle and spirit of determination idling inside travellers and finding out the real self. The specialties in India adventure tours include skiing and trekking on the mountains, parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving in Goa and other beach destinations, camel and jeep safaris in Rajasthan and wildlife safaris in different destinations of the country.

There are other different versions of indulgence that can be easily experienced during India-Luxury holidays. These special holiday theme tours are equipped in every way possible to provide a novel way to indulgent holidays each and every time.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

South India Luxury Tours – The Authentic Way of Experiencing India

South India is known for its intrinsic connection with the luxury and opulence. Here, the way to luxury goes through the authentic traditions deep rooted in the seasoned past. These exceptional experiences here belong to the centuries of the classic cultural traditions that have shaped and contributed to the luxuries of the land.
Bestowed with the rich illustrious past and heritage architecture in the form of rock bas reliefs, ruined cities, palaces, and lavish temples, the region is emerging as a frontrunner in the luxury tourism. Luxury here is symbolized with the sensory experiences that attract, fascinate and lure the travellers.

In this peninsular region, there is enough greenery to behold traveller’s attention and expansive beaches to calm and free the mind from bustling chatter. There are spices and variety for diners who can gorge on to the staple of south - Dosas, Idlis, and Vadas with Chutney. Or better can even relish the grand Sadya, a feisty meal which features around 28 dishes served on the banana leaf. Chants and prayers in the ancient temples, churches and mosques also connect the mind with the ultimate. There are spices, sandalwood and coconuts here that have such a strong aroma that award and reward the human sense of smell.
In the end, there’s Ayurveda and Spa, which is a treat for the overall being. Followed authentically, these ancient wellness therapies aim to provide a complete relief to the existence. Now a worldwide phenomenon, this discipline owes its origins to the south India. This aspect makes it necessary to undergo an Ayurvedic therapy to gain more authentic benefits of a luxury vacation.
More than these sensory delights, it’s the region’s receptive hospitality that makes it stand out during its holidays. Natives here have a natural knack and skills for hospitality and are caring enough to treat the guests in the best way possible.
Away from gaudy flamboyance, peninsular south is bestowed with the classic splendour and gracious traditions that make it stand out completely from any other destination in the world. Etched in rich heritage, the region’s illustrious luxury can be witnessed through its ancient architectural achievements, lavish temple traditions, palaces and elaborative art-forms.

There is more to the region’s rich indulgence that can only be mapped during the south India luxury tour only. So, what are you waiting for, the subtle holidays in south are calling you. Are you ready for it? If yes, then come for the luxury vacationing in south.