Wednesday, 18 September 2013

South India Luxury Tours – The Authentic Way of Experiencing India

South India is known for its intrinsic connection with the luxury and opulence. Here, the way to luxury goes through the authentic traditions deep rooted in the seasoned past. These exceptional experiences here belong to the centuries of the classic cultural traditions that have shaped and contributed to the luxuries of the land.
Bestowed with the rich illustrious past and heritage architecture in the form of rock bas reliefs, ruined cities, palaces, and lavish temples, the region is emerging as a frontrunner in the luxury tourism. Luxury here is symbolized with the sensory experiences that attract, fascinate and lure the travellers.

In this peninsular region, there is enough greenery to behold traveller’s attention and expansive beaches to calm and free the mind from bustling chatter. There are spices and variety for diners who can gorge on to the staple of south - Dosas, Idlis, and Vadas with Chutney. Or better can even relish the grand Sadya, a feisty meal which features around 28 dishes served on the banana leaf. Chants and prayers in the ancient temples, churches and mosques also connect the mind with the ultimate. There are spices, sandalwood and coconuts here that have such a strong aroma that award and reward the human sense of smell.
In the end, there’s Ayurveda and Spa, which is a treat for the overall being. Followed authentically, these ancient wellness therapies aim to provide a complete relief to the existence. Now a worldwide phenomenon, this discipline owes its origins to the south India. This aspect makes it necessary to undergo an Ayurvedic therapy to gain more authentic benefits of a luxury vacation.
More than these sensory delights, it’s the region’s receptive hospitality that makes it stand out during its holidays. Natives here have a natural knack and skills for hospitality and are caring enough to treat the guests in the best way possible.
Away from gaudy flamboyance, peninsular south is bestowed with the classic splendour and gracious traditions that make it stand out completely from any other destination in the world. Etched in rich heritage, the region’s illustrious luxury can be witnessed through its ancient architectural achievements, lavish temple traditions, palaces and elaborative art-forms.

There is more to the region’s rich indulgence that can only be mapped during the south India luxury tour only. So, what are you waiting for, the subtle holidays in south are calling you. Are you ready for it? If yes, then come for the luxury vacationing in south. 

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