Thursday, 5 December 2013

Luxury Travel Trends in India to Last for a Lifetime

India is emerging as a world class luxury destination. For the last decade, the concept of budget travel in the country got replaced with the ideas of luxury travelling. And now, the fascination about the luxury travel has grown to such a level that it has become almost inseparable with a holiday.
The travellers on a holiday imagine themselves with the best of destination comforts and convenience. Recent travel trends showcase that India is a preferable country for relaxing holidays. This is the reason why spa holiday, Ayurveda vacations and beach tours are a sure shot way to a comforting vacation.
A great way to reconnect with the soul; these luxurious tours offer harmonious experiences close to the nature. While sitting or lazing on a private beach, travellers can soak in the warm pleasures of sun and observe the tranquil tides and waves of sea in motion. Shrills and sounds of the sea on a beach has enough power to calm down the already stressed mind and offer the best experience of a kind for life. Luxury beach holidays in the country surely relieve the root cause of stress and elevate the mind with peace and calming experiences.
Same soulful reconnection follows if a traveller includes a benefit of an Ayurveda holiday. Ayurveda, being originated in India is deeply associated with the country and is followed authentically here. This makes the country a favourable destination for luxurious Ayurveda vacation. During this special experience, the therapies and treatments with herbs and natural oils are used to relieve the individuals of stress. The therapies can also used to cure ailments, if continued for longer periods. Such is the magic of Ayurveda that offers a luxury to reconnect with the soul with its unique healing prowess. Kerala Ayurveda Tour is one such itinerary offering ultimate rejuvenation through authentic Ayurveda.
The next luxury extension that is trending in India is Luxury Spa Holidays. The country is a hot destination among spa lovers. A hot destination for spa lovers, the country has in store some of the finest spa destinations that offer relaxation during holidays. During an Indian holiday, the vacationers understand the real meaning of a vacation with pampering and relaxation. By availing luxury spa tours, the travellers can derive benefits of the tailor-made spa experiences though out India, where they can enjoy a session of rejuvenation along with sightseeing excursions.
The luxury tours trending at present not just give travellers peace of mind, but also they offer them the privacy to bond with family and friends, thereby offering complete vacations.


  1. Spy Ayurveda is perfect for spent some time fell good. Nice topic you find share with us.