Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Luxurious Holidays in India – Presenting the Country at its Finest Best

Luxury in India is an unexplored dimension. The more you explore, the more of it you feel is left out. Such is the unique aspect of this country’s diverse luxurious experiences that makes it inviting, impeccable and exclusive in every right. Another unique facet about luxury in the country is the fact that it can attain many forms. Luxury can be found in any direction here; just it needs a little attention to identify the most plush and exotic experiences in the country.
Beginning with the king of all destinations, Rajasthan offers a stimulative royal reception, hospitality and treatment in terms of elegant and plush luxury. Replete with grand palaces and forts, this royal destination offers the most regal experience in the world. Beginning from the jovial welcome at the plushest heritage properties, the travellers here are welcomed as guests and are slowly pulled into the colourful and rich side of Rajasthani traditions. Also, here they get to visit the colour washed cities and wild resorts in full swing. Other indulgent options include gulping sundowners at a desert camp and celebrating a birthday or wedding a truly royal way.
Second interpretation goes through an opposite route via the languid luxury in Goa. Renowned worldwide for its warm and salubrious beaches, Goa has that essence to make the holidays indulgent in every sense. The laid-back vacations here are a result of typical Portuguese culture mixed with Indian beliefs that makes it one of the most receptive vacations of the country.
Another charming destination in the country is Kerala, the God’s own country. Nestling between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, this narrow coastal land is full of surprises. Blessed with scenery and serenity, this incredible state is bestowed with a luxury of its own kind. Here, the travellers can indulge in the undulating topographical surroundings, rich culture, spiritual diversity, incredible history, ancient medical disciplines, flavorsome food and captivating landscapes. More than that, it’s a perfect place to experience perfect harmony among all the elements of nature.
These three Indian states are frontrunners of the country’s incredible luxury tourism. In fact, the destinations lead the deck in terms of luxurious holidays in India, offering finest experiences ever in the country.

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