Friday, 11 May 2012

A Luxurious Experience Of Life

India, the incredible country is best known around the world for providing the hand-picked luxury tourism options in its heartwarming way. These exclusive options in the form of India Luxury Holidays give tourism industry an edge over many other exotic countries of the world.
The luxury tours of the country encapsulate the very essence of India, resting in its variety and diversity. From the colonial cosmopolitan metros to the Maharaja style luxury of forts, from gazing the awesome mountainous landscapes to the backwater charm, India has all this and much more available in its luxurious territory. Here, we are presenting the most luxurious destinations in India, readily available to offer you the indulgent luxury like Kerala, Goa, Taj Mahal Short Tour.
1. Jammu and Kashmir - The luxury in India begins right from its very first state, Jammu and Kashmir where floating Shikaras – houseboats have the power to mesmerize even a seasoned traveler. Staying in these floating heavens on crystal Dal Lake amidst the mountains are a luxurious experience of a lifetime where the magical views of the crowning Himalayas gaze upon you with their natural bliss. This kind of joviality in J&K is not limited to Srinagar, but other cool regions also offer comforting solace. One such region is Ladakh, the only cold desert in India, where serenity rests in tune with nature. This isolated region is blessed with Buddhist calm and is the best resort for those who live the luxury in adventure.

2. Rajasthan - The next important luxurious resort lies in the royal state of Rajasthan. Inspired by erstwhile royalty, the sojourn in this state is an experience, uniquely felt in Incredible India only. Here you get to live at par with royalty through a grand celeb-like welcome, living in the palace of yesteryears, enjoying the pleasures of receiving the Maharaja-like treatment through the royal attendants, ready to serve you every moment. This surreal experience during Royal Rajputana Tour gets accentuated when you get to see the folk arts and performances inside the heritage hotel and feel like a royal patron of art. Your luxury experience in this largest Indian state receives a momentum with the lavish use of colors, spices and rich ingredients in everyday’s life.

3. Uttaranchal - The other luxurious options rest in the lap of nature, where you get to attune yourself with amazing sights, floral valleys and natural wonders. One such wonder is available in Uttarakhand’s spiritual sojourn. Valley of Flowers hosts more than a thousand varieties of flowers, ferns and Himalayan herbs in its periphery. Here, you can experience the true ecstasy of life through holistic healing of Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda during India Luxury Spa Holidays.

4. Kerala - The luxurious rendezvous of meeting your own self can be scheduled in Kerala for Kerala Honeymoon Tour. Termed as God’s own country, this place is blessed with many wonders – salubrious climate, greenery, fragrant spices, balmy beaches and most importantly, backwaters. In fact, it is often believed that the state got its other name because of alluring backwaters, which have the power to rewind and take you back in time.
Such India Luxury Holidays are effective only when they are experienced or relived in their truest essence. To experience more of these luxuries in India, just Go for India and feel the luxury in its every moment.

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