Monday, 14 October 2013

Luxury Holidays of India – Capturing the Country’s Incredible Diversity

When you think of vacation, you normally expect it to be laced with luxury and fond memories of the destination that are usually rarely present in your normal life. During these breaks, you want to feel the luxury of life, away from usual routines. You want to be pampered every moment. Be it the hospitality or excursions, you want every moment to feel special and unique. If this is your idea of the perfect vacation, India is the place where you should be heading.
Luxury Holidays in India offer a great way to engaging vacations. There is a reason for it. At the single time, there’s so much happening throughout the country that makes it an exciting and luxurious destination. A traveller can enjoy the luxury in the lap of Himalayas and can soak in the widths and depths of the oceans. Also, he can experience the rustic colours of the desert and serene shade of dense and lush forests. Apart from climate and topography, the difference also lies in the incredible cultural and historical wealth of the country that makes it an inviting destination.
It’s in the culture of India to make the travellers feel luxurious at every step. Right from the reception to the stay and excursions, everything is laced with luxury to make the holidays an enchanting experience. Popular holiday options in India include beaches, pilgrimages, heritage and adventure. Among the beaches, the destinations of repertoire feature Goa, Kerala and Karnataka.
Luxury holidays in terms of heritage are based in Delhi, Rajasthan, Lucknow, Agra, Chennai, Madurai, Kochi, Trivandrum and Mumbai. Travelling through the off-beat destinations, these cities represent the age-old connection of luxury and indulgence in their heritage and culture. In terms of adventure, the country again boasts of adrenaline action sequences; leaving a little space to sit and relax. This offers a unique luxury of identifying the mettle and spirit of determination idling inside travellers and finding out the real self. The specialties in India adventure tours include skiing and trekking on the mountains, parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving in Goa and other beach destinations, camel and jeep safaris in Rajasthan and wildlife safaris in different destinations of the country.

There are other different versions of indulgence that can be easily experienced during India-Luxury holidays. These special holiday theme tours are equipped in every way possible to provide a novel way to indulgent holidays each and every time.

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