Sunday, 1 April 2012

India Luxury Holidays

Luxury is a feeling of acquiring new experiences in a elegant way. India Luxury Spa Holidays is one such way to discover this timeless country's opulence and define it with one’s own wealth of incredible experiences. Steeped in culture, traditions and heritage, India's incredible hospitality and colourful life is an unforgettable luxury, cherished by every traveller.

To enjoy and soak the opulence of incredible luxury, one has to opt for long luxury holidays in India. The unique India can be experienced in the lap of misty Himalayas, on an exclusive Goa Spa Tour, in the lavish forts or heritage hotels of Rajasthan or on the timeless houseboat cruise in Kashmir or Kerala.

The exclusive feeling of being in India can be enjoyed in king size way through Luxury Train Tour of India, royal hospitality of heritage hotels and a private beach resort stay. Other options in India like adventure options on virgin hills, gushing river rafting, spotting wildlife in jungles, engaging in meditation, ayurveda and spa, or houseboat cruise are more of a personal luxury of pampering the tired soul.

The heavenly hospitality of India also transports a tourist to a different world altogether, making it one of the best luxury destinations of the world. The concept of Atithi Devo Bhavah where a guest is treated with god like comforts contributes to its exclusive luxury. In fact, this unique culture attracts tourists like a magnet every year. Millions of tourists yearn for a royal welcome in a traditional Indian way and opt for elephant ride to taste the royal lifestyle ruling Rajasthan. With such an amazing welcome, Royal Rajputana Tour forms an edifice of luxury in India with its exclusive and unique traditions.

India Luxury Holidays understand the needs of luxury on the go and offers special travel packages keeping in mind traveller’s exclusive taste. So, Go for India and enjoy a fresh new way to sway in its luxurious comforts. To explore more about Incredible India and its luxury.

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