Friday, 30 August 2013

Live Luxuriously During the India Luxury Beach Holidays

Luxury is an inspiration of life to live more in every moment. And so are the luxurious holidays in India that encourages the travellers to spend every moment in the company of experiential vacations. Based on the diversified travel options, these special breaks allow the tourists to break the monotony of life and splurge around the exotic tourist attractions of the country.
One such luxury option available in the country is based upon the luxury beach holidays. A perfect way to unwind and relax, these luxury vacations offer a complete rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. The roaring tides of the sea spread wide just attack on the worries and weariness of the existence and refresh the soul from within. More than that, these azure beaches provide a perfect way to relax and ponder over the reality with the invigorating life of the sea, always in action. This is a unique luxury of a kind that provides the quality time around the beaches. If one wants such an exclusive time on beaches, then Goa beach tour is the perfect bet. Here, one can find the easy going mix of beaches and languid culture, adding on to the joys of holidays.
 But if one wants to actually test the beach waters and not look at them from a distance, then one should head towards the calm waters of South India. Perfect for swimming, these beaches provide the indulgent relaxation of another kind where travellers can actually plant their feet on the soft sand and sense the refreshing way of standing on the shore. Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu and Varkala in Kerala are a perfect epitomization of calm and soothing beaches.
Fringed greenery around the beaches also lends a surreal touch to the south Indian beaches. Thriving in a tropical climate, these coconut trees are found aplenty throughout the peninsular coastline of the country and add on to the beauty and enigmatic appeal of Indian beaches.
There is more to the beaches in India than just nirvana. Some of them in India are bustling and happening with a lot of activities. On such beaches, travellers can relish the bar-be-qued food along with queues of thronging fellow tourists or even try fishing in the sea waters. In all, these seashores are quite a joyful world where the serenity and shrills thrive together.

For a distinct edge to southern beach holidays, a tourist can indulge in a secluded luxury during a special Luxury Spa Holidays package at beach resort. Here, the travellers get to cherish the alluring and balmy side of a beach experience during which they enjoy the absolute way to rejuvenation through the therapeutic touch of ayurveda. Truly, nature nurtures the tired soul in luxury during such blissful tour experience.

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